Local Activities

We enrich student life in Aachen in many ways. On this page you can find out, what we like to do.

Upcoming Events

The semester is almost over, and before all exchange students return to their home countries, we cordially invite to a goodbye barbecue in the barbecue hut Karlshöher Hochweg. We meet on the 29.07 at 15:00, please bring food, drinks and plates.


In Aachen, we are the local Erasmus initiative of the FH and organize Events for Erasmus students during the whole Semester. We're always looking for motivated students who want to join us in helping incoming Erasmus students to have a great time in Aachen. Of course, we are also on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find all of our events.

Summer Universities

The network of AEGEE offers about 65 different Summer Universities to specific topics every summer. You feel like spending 2 weeks abroad for no more than 14€/night and meet 20 people from all over Europe ? You want to try Italian wine, check out former Olympic games, explore Russian cities or experience extreme feelings in Serbia? Then this is exactly the right thing for you!

Self Development

You want to improve your personal skills and travel at the same time? With AEGEE everything is possible, in Aachen or somewhere else in Europe, with people pursuing the same goals as you. To our members we offer workshops and trainings, some of those lasting for several days. In these trainings you do not only improve your knowledge for professional life, but you can also work miracles for yourself and your association, because we give you the opportunity to actively apply your skills. With us you can participate from Day 1 by putting your ideas into practice and taking over responsibility. We want to encourage every member to improve and get involved in projects.

Political Education

AEGEE-Aachen gives German and International Students the opportunity to discuss about political and social issues. We organize events where you can learn about other countries, their problems and their point of view on certain political topics. Our network regularly offers conferences and a wide range of work to different topics on European level.

Social Progress

AEGEE empowers students and young people in Europe to become an active member of society. We create room for dialogue and learning opportunities and act as their supporter towards policymakers. AEGEE very early became an important lobbyist in the implementation of the ERASMUS program. By opening our borders to Eastern Europe, we expanded our network to these areas and aimed to connect young people from all over Europe. AEGEE strives to encourage dialogue between all countries, to overcome conflict and nurture understanding for each other. Nowadays our network is involved in encouraging the dialogue between Armenia and Turkey as part of our Eastern Partnership Program.


AEGEE puts the idea of a unified Europe into practice by connecting 13,000 students from 40 different countries. Become part of our network with over 13,000 members and have a roof over your head on your travels all over Europe. After all, we are all just students who don’t have much money but insist on experiencing the beautiful things of life and travelling. On multi-day events and European projects you get to know many young people from all over Europe and form friendships everywhere! By attending European events regularly, you will expand your friendships on European level.